Church Politics


I have been dealing with whether or not to look at this subject since I started the blog, because I believe I sound rather jaded on the subject matter.  But the truth is that every church deals with politics, and I’m not talking about Republican vs democrats, I’m talking about politics, social relations involving intrigue to gain authority or power.

The reason why every church deals with it is because there are americans involved, and americans are taught that to be american, you have to be number one, and to a lighter level they are goal oriented.  No matter what, every church at some point deals with someone trying to gain their agenda over God’s agenda, and its nearly impossible to see it when you are within it. Unless you have proper accountability.  But sometimes, accountability fails, because sometimes, humans fail.

Now the following is a story that just recently happened at my former church, and I in no way am bringing down my former church, or asking for social reform.  But it is a personal example.

I am no longer a pastor according to the foursquare denomination.  Every october you get the opportunity to re-apply to be licenced with foursquare, and i turned my paper work into my church so the pastor can verify that I am appointed to that church, and then, said paperwork is sent in, and hey look, I get to be licenced for another year.

Well fast forward to march, I am transitioning out of my roll, to begin to prepare to become a senior pastor at another church, and am informed by my church that it was decided that since they hadn’t sent in the paperwork yet, that they would not be affirming me as a pastor appointed to their church.

This I was informed of on my last service, and I left with unhappiness.

Now I know that the church wasnt trying to hurt me or my family, but the truth is, that it did.  Again this is not a slam on my former church, because I know as i look back on my ministry time, that I personally gained over people, but the question I have for all of you is, since I want to be a pastor that isn’t involved in this personally, is there a way to stop this political mess inside of the church? I would love to hear your opinions here or on my Facebook message if you would like to keep this private.

Bless you guys and gals (insert april fools joke here)


2 Responses to “Church Politics”

  1. Ray Morris said

    Church politics is not an American thing. It’s a human nature thing. It all comes down to ego and putting programs above people. The more intent you are on being seen as a success, the more you will trample people to reach your goals. In building institutions, people are simply means to an end. Jesus didn’t use people that way in His earthly ministry… and he didn’t leave any institutions behind. Just follow Him and encourage others to join you.

  2. Ally said

    Any ministry; be it church, missionary, coffee shop, or Christian band- any ministry that does not focus directly to Christ is going to fail. Period.

    When people focus on anything less, they exult creation rather than pointing to the creator. The best example I can think of for an excellent church comes from John the Baptist.

    He lived in a time where the atmosphere was charged, people were desperately looking for the messiah’s arrival. John chose to leave behind things like priestly foods, hospitable lodgings and comfortable clothes. He preached the gospel of Christ and recognized Him when He came. John even had a large group of followers (which a large number of became disciples of Christ Himself later on).

    But the thing that stands out the most to me that there is no “Church of John” or “Following of the Baptist”. He pointed to Christ in all things, declaring the true message.

    What a refreshing view! If we could herald the way for the messiah like this, what kind of revolution would today’s church experience I wonder?

    Love you always, great to read your thoughts Ryan.

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