Life Being Different


Its been a while.

And Life has been a lot.

First thing, I love my family.  Not only because I’m supposed to, but instead because I want to.  My son is now 16 months old and has become a terror.  But I’ve never loved a terror like this.   It used to be that when he was in trouble we would run over and slap his hand.  In the last 4 months or so, this has, to Samuel, become a fun game.  If he grabs an electrical outlet, or gets into the dishwasher or stuff hes not supposed too, I run over and slap his hand. His reaction is a smile, shaking his head as if saying no, and then pointing at me and laughing… what a kid

My wife  is the strongest person I know.  She has gone through more pain in the last few months then I could imagine going through myself, and still supports people and makes others the priority.  She has also decided to go headfirst into homemaking.  She has an amazing blog that I encourage any woman to read.

And for me I finally am working at a church again.  Its east hill in downtown gresham.  The relationship with this church is a lot healthier.  The best way I have come up with why is because before i was offered my position, the Senior Pastor sat with me to make sure I understood that the only way my relationship with the church would work is if I was willing to hold him accountable.  That when I saw something I disagreed with, part of my job as a staff member is to hold him accountable.

I have an office and I work full time and have a schedule that is the same week to week.  My wife and I are home in the evenings together, and we only need childcare 1 day a week (by the way if anyone knows someone when it comes to childcare, please email me

Now life sounds good but its not perfect.  taking over for someone whom was only beloved but also honored isnt easy.  And I think I’m starting (even though its only been 2 weeks) to feel a little bit of strain from some of the volunteers.  But it has been a very rough week in my personal life so maybe I’m just being sensitive.

Also this transition stuff has shown me that my friends are few.  Not because there was a blow up but because we arent around what they are around.  its become work to have friends.  And I never remember it being work before.

I know this is short and random but I just wanted to say hello and give an update to my life. 

I love you



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